Windows 7 Beta install using Daemon Tools

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Here is how to install Windows 7 Beta without having to Burn the ISO to a DVD.

I used EASEUS Partition Manager 3.0 Home Edition – FREE FOR HOME USERS ONLY…to partition my drive.

Click the Pic for full size view…
win7installI am running XP Pro on may main drive C: on the first Partition,,, 2nd partition is formatted at 80GB and NTFS with Drive letter F: or whichever you want is fine.

Screen Shots Link… don’t let them scare you off…

View my Post on my site here, to see how to use Partition Manager 3.0 tutorial video’s included.

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Windows 7 Beta Overview Video

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Here is a quick video of Windows 7 Beta showing you some of the features in it. I will try to put a better one or 2 on later. Just click the video ICON link below to view it.

Thank you:  video_link_iconJake

Disk Partitioning Software “Free”

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EASEUS Partition Manager 3.0 Home Edition – FREE FOR HOME USERS ONLY

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easeusI had been looking for a good Disk Partition software to use that would work with a (RAID O) Drive setup, and well after a little investigating, I came upon this program called  “EASEUS Partition Manager 3.0 Home Edition”. I installed it and gave it a try, well now it is very simular to Partition Magic, but this Home Version is a Free Ware program. They also have a “Professional and Server Edition” Which most of us will not have any need for. It worked perfectly, I have a Set of WD Drives 160 GB each set on a RAID O setup, at first I was a little skepticle, but it never failed me, worked like a charm, I added a 80 GB partition with no problems using Windows XP Pro.

Instructions below:
1. I  had first to shrink my main partition to allow an 80GB unalocated partition space.

2. I then applied the settings and rebooted my PC to make sure it was ok.

3. I then formatted the unalocated 80GB space as NTFS, smooth as a whistle.

4. Rebooted to finish and all was just fine no problems.

After checking the program out some more, I found that you can use the graphical layout to just slide the edge of the box contianing the partion around to resize, of move it from one place to another and then click apply and it will do its job.

DOWNLOAD EASEUS Partition Manager 3.0 Home Edition Here.
I have 3 video tutorial links below to show basic usage.
Video (1) how to make unallocated space to use for an extra Partition.
#1. Click Here to View the Video Tutorial
Video (2) how to format and assign a drive letter to the unallocated Space.
#2. Click Here to View the Video Tutorial
Video (3) how to mount Windows 7 beta ISO and start the install using Daemon Tools
#3. Click Here to View the Video Tutorial
Click here to view how to install Windows 7 Beta using Daemon Tools instead of burning it to a DVD.

Remove Instant Search Bar from Outlook 2007

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This Tip will show you how to remove that annoying instant search prompt from Outlook 2007.

In Outlook 2007, go to Tools > Options > Other  tab at top…

Click on the Advanced Options button.

uncheck the “Show prompts for Instant Search” and then click OK .

WoW! No more annoying instant search prompts!


CoD-UO Mental Mod, By Jake

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Mental Mod updated to v2.8:by Jake

This is a mod i had put together awhile back, that has several upgrades. This Mod includes a throwable

knife with added blood splatter effects and sound. All vehicles have been speeded up to a more natural

realistic speed. It also includes added artillery effects, Missle (one single hard blast to take out a

tank), a 45 second artillery birage and a 45 second smoke out (drops smoke bombs). I have upgraded just

about all weapons for better accuracy and power including all sniper rifles have a 3 zoom selectable

setting by using the fire rate button (M key) or what ever you set it for. Sticky satchels, sticky nades,

trip wires and plenty more, such as new skins and some more effects. This Mod is complimated with the awe

mod, so your have choices of many settings. I have included a config file already setup with the max that

it will let the mod run at.

Must be run on COD UO Version 1.51

Changes in v2.8 from v2.6: Added seperate Menu Screen “zzz_ME_V2.8_menuscreen.pk3″ this will allow you to

change the Menu screen easier than opening up the main “zzz_ME_v2.8_mod.pk3″ file, or you can leave out

the menu screen .pk3 file and have the standard menu screen in UO.

Here is a movie link to show you how to edit the “zzz_ME_V2.8_menuscreen.pk3″ it show how to edit the

menu file in v2.6, but instead just edit it in the new “zzz_ME_V2.8_menuscreen.pk3″ that way you don’t

have upload and download the bigger main mod file.
Movie link:

Extract the files zzz_ME_v2.8_mod.pk3 and zzz_ME_V2.8_menuscreen.pk3 and zzz_missle_smoke_artillery.pk3

also the mental.cfg config into your mod folder.

1. Put the “zzz_ME_v2.8_mod.pk3″ in your mod folder (e.g. mental_mod)
2. put the “zzz_ME_V2.8_menuscreen.pk3″ in your mod folder (e.g. mental_mod)
3. put the “zzz_missle_smoke_artillery.pk3″ in your mod folder (e.g. mental_mod)
4. Put the “mental.cfg” in your mod mod folder (e.g. mental_mod)


THEM IN THE UO OR MAIN FOLDER) as this will cause problems with other files and mods.

To run these on a server and make downloadable you need to place a copy or them on your redirect server

in a mod folder (e.g. mental_mod) so that when someone connects to the server they will be able to auto

download them into their game folder.

You should also set the command line to run mods and custom config.
Command line example: 
+set dedicated 2 +set fs_game Mental +exec mental.cfg +set sv_punkbuster 1 +map_rotate

There are a lot of addons in this mod so i cannot name them all but it is maxed out.

If you need any help feel free to contact me at wgn377 at bellsouth dot net , or my xfire user name is-



Download the Mental mod here (v2.8 updated)

Download Pakscape .pk3 editor

Video How to Change the Loading Menu Screen Text in Mental Modclick the video icon below.


How to enable or disable Windows Vista Features

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Enable or disable Windows Vista Features


To access the Vista Features screen you should follow these steps:

1.        Click on the Start button to open your Start Menu.

2.       When the Start Menu opens click on the Control Panel menu option.

         3.     When the Control Panel window opens click on the Uninstall a program option under the Programs category. 
If you are using the Classic View of the Control Panel, then you would double-click on the
Programs and Features icon instead. This option is shown by the arrow and red box in the image below.

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Vista Pics not Opening on Desktop

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What a pain in the Butt…Vista would not open my photo’s when setting on my Desktop.

Well I could put the pics into a folder and they would open just fine (as long as they were not on the Desktop). I done a little research and found a link that answered my question.

Thanks to everyone over at Vista Forums for inputting the info that solved the problem. Below is what the submitted for the fix, please be kind and visit them over at

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Screen Shot of Jake Playing Zombies

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Screen Shot that HighNoon took of Jake with the Ray Gun…
Click Photo for full View!



How To UnHide File Extensions in XP or VISTA

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This will show you how to unhide your file extensions in XP and Vista
1. Go to start>Control Panel
2. Click on >Folder Options
3. Now go to >View tab> Then uncheck the box “Hide extensions for known file types” >click Apply>then OK. That’s it done.
Now you can see the file extensions on all file types.

How To Video Link. (Please Wait while video loads)


XP Hidden Programs and Tweaks

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XP Hidden Programs and Tweaks


            Hidden Programs In Windows XP

1.    Private Character Editor

This program is for designing icons and Characters(Alphapet)

click :start

Then :run

type :EUDCEDIT Read more

Environment Variables

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BFG 9600gtoc vs 8800gtoc

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bfg1Here are some screen shots HighNoon had taken while testing the BFG 9600GT-OC vs 8800GT-OC. It appears the 9600 will hold up close to the 8800 as far as playable FPS. The 9600 Temp will run around 55 degrees C. compared to the 8800 Temp running around 77 degrees C. The 9600 will run fine up into the High Spec setting but is not playable in Very High settings in Crysis. The 8800 will go all out and be very playable in just about all settings in Crysis. Read more