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Internet explorer not connecting to the Internet In Windows 7

I had been using Windows 7 for a while now and then one day I booted up into it and bang IE 8 would not connect to the internet, what the heck. No matter what i tried it would not connect. I check all my settings and my network, I could connect to any computer on my network and the Network Sharing Center showed it connected to the web. I tried setting IP addresses and resetting my router, but nothing worked in IE 8 to connect.

Windows update worked fine, Anti-Virus updated fine along with everything else.

I downloaded FireFox and it worked fine. HHHHHMMMMMMM

I figured out why IE 8 wasn’t connecting to the internet and  have solved the problem, hopefully.
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Jake’s Backup & Restore

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Jake’s Backup and Restore V2

jback1Created by: Jake
Xfire username: jake37
This Program will auto select your Current “Home Drive” for Backup or Restore Of all User’s Documents Only…But Will NOT Backup the Complete System or Programs. If you wipe or lose your hard drive, you will have to reinstall all programs and Windows.

This will Copy or Restore all your Files of any type that are stored in your (VISTA) Users\Documents folder. “Copys all Users Documents”

On XP it will Copy all your files of any type that are stored in your (XP) Documents and Users Folder
Works with Vista and XP. “Copys all Users Documents”

****Uninstaller Included**** Thru control panel, or start menu…

Works with Vista and XP

Install instuctions:

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