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Internet explorer not connecting to the Internet In Windows 7

I had been using Windows 7 for a while now and then one day I booted up into it and bang IE 8 would not connect to the internet, what the heck. No matter what i tried it would not connect. I check all my settings and my network, I could connect to any computer on my network and the Network Sharing Center showed it connected to the web. I tried setting IP addresses and resetting my router, but nothing worked in IE 8 to connect.

Windows update worked fine, Anti-Virus updated fine along with everything else.

I downloaded FireFox and it worked fine. HHHHHMMMMMMM

I figured out why IE 8 wasn’t connecting to the internet and  have solved the problem, hopefully.
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Disk Partitioning Software “Free”

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EASEUS Partition Manager 3.0 Home Edition – FREE FOR HOME USERS ONLY

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easeusI had been looking for a good Disk Partition software to use that would work with a (RAID O) Drive setup, and well after a little investigating, I came upon this program called  “EASEUS Partition Manager 3.0 Home Edition”. I installed it and gave it a try, well now it is very simular to Partition Magic, but this Home Version is a Free Ware program. They also have a “Professional and Server Edition” Which most of us will not have any need for. It worked perfectly, I have a Set of WD Drives 160 GB each set on a RAID O setup, at first I was a little skepticle, but it never failed me, worked like a charm, I added a 80 GB partition with no problems using Windows XP Pro.

Instructions below:
1. I  had first to shrink my main partition to allow an 80GB unalocated partition space.

2. I then applied the settings and rebooted my PC to make sure it was ok.

3. I then formatted the unalocated 80GB space as NTFS, smooth as a whistle.

4. Rebooted to finish and all was just fine no problems.

After checking the program out some more, I found that you can use the graphical layout to just slide the edge of the box contianing the partion around to resize, of move it from one place to another and then click apply and it will do its job.

DOWNLOAD EASEUS Partition Manager 3.0 Home Edition Here.
I have 3 video tutorial links below to show basic usage.
Video (1) how to make unallocated space to use for an extra Partition.
#1. Click Here to View the Video Tutorial
Video (2) how to format and assign a drive letter to the unallocated Space.
#2. Click Here to View the Video Tutorial
Video (3) how to mount Windows 7 beta ISO and start the install using Daemon Tools
#3. Click Here to View the Video Tutorial
Click here to view how to install Windows 7 Beta using Daemon Tools instead of burning it to a DVD.

Vista Pics not Opening on Desktop

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What a pain in the Butt…Vista would not open my photo’s when setting on my Desktop.

Well I could put the pics into a folder and they would open just fine (as long as they were not on the Desktop). I done a little research and found a link that answered my question.

Thanks to everyone over at Vista Forums for inputting the info that solved the problem. Below is what the submitted for the fix, please be kind and visit them over at

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XP Hidden Programs and Tweaks

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XP Hidden Programs and Tweaks


            Hidden Programs In Windows XP

1.    Private Character Editor

This program is for designing icons and Characters(Alphapet)

click :start

Then :run

type :EUDCEDIT Read more

BFG 9600gtoc vs 8800gtoc

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bfg1Here are some screen shots HighNoon had taken while testing the BFG 9600GT-OC vs 8800GT-OC. It appears the 9600 will hold up close to the 8800 as far as playable FPS. The 9600 Temp will run around 55 degrees C. compared to the 8800 Temp running around 77 degrees C. The 9600 will run fine up into the High Spec setting but is not playable in Very High settings in Crysis. The 8800 will go all out and be very playable in just about all settings in Crysis. Read more

BIOS Settings Access Keys

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Below is a list of Computer manufactures Keys to enable access to the BIOS settings upon restart.

 Acer

 (ALR) Advanced Logic Research Inc.
F2, CTRL+ALT+ESC Read more

Tip, Show Windows Side By Side

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Here is a tip that a lot of people don’t know. How to show 2 or more windows side by side or stacked. Works in Vista or XP!
1. Open the 2 windows you want to view.
2. Hold the Ctrl key and select both windows on the task bar.
3. Make sure both are selected, then right click on the task bar and windows side by side or show windows stacked.