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Jake’s Backup and Restore V2

jback1Created by: Jake
Xfire username: jake37
This Program will auto select your Current “Home Drive” for Backup or Restore Of all User’s Documents Only…But Will NOT Backup the Complete System or Programs. If you wipe or lose your hard drive, you will have to reinstall all programs and Windows.

This will Copy or Restore all your Files of any type that are stored in your (VISTA) Users\Documents folder. “Copys all Users Documents”

On XP it will Copy all your files of any type that are stored in your (XP) Documents and Users Folder
Works with Vista and XP. “Copys all Users Documents”

****Uninstaller Included**** Thru control panel, or start menu…

Works with Vista and XP

Install instuctions:

1. Run the installers to auto install the program to “X?:Program Files\J-Backup”!
(X?:\ Is what ever your Home Drive is!!!)

2. Install XXCOPY, you must have this to run the program properly,or it may cause problems if you don’t!

3. Now Run the “J-Backup-Installer.exe”  This will install J-Backup to the “C:\Program Files” Directory and Unistaller to the Start menu and Program uninstall list in the control panel.
This install does not put anything into the Registry.

Notice: Always check and make sure your files backup properly

This Program run’s in Command Prompt and allows you to backup to any drive you select from the list or do a restore. This only Backs up your Documents files on Windows XP or Vista with NO hidden or system files.

Your Operating can be installed on “any current” Drive for this program to work.

You will also need to install XXCOPY which i have included or go to…

XXCOPY provides a Progress Bar while backing up or restoring your files.
Without XXCOPY this program may not run correctly. To instll XXCOPY you can just unzip the program and click the install shortcut. You may also follow the recommended instructions from the XXCOPY team that is included on their web site.

You may use this program as you wish for personal use only. Not intended for commercial use. J-Backup is not for sale Nor Will it ever to be sold.


I take no responsibility for any damage of any kind to you or your equipent of any type. I will not be responsible for any Data lose or hardware failure.



Download Link
Download Jake’s backup here.

This program was tested and works on Vista Ultimate and Windows XP Pro. I have not tested it on anyother Operating Systems.

Thank you: Jake




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