Vista Pics not Opening on Desktop

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What a pain in the Butt…Vista would not open my photo’s when setting on my Desktop.

Well I could put the pics into a folder and they would open just fine (as long as they were not on the Desktop). I done a little research and found a link that answered my question.

Thanks to everyone over at Vista Forums for inputting the info that solved the problem. Below is what the submitted for the fix, please be kind and visit them over at


“Pics in a folder on my desktop will open fine. I can go in to the folder and
open them up in Windows Photo Gallery just find with no problem.


Pics such as (.jpg, .png etc.) just sitting on the desktop would not open…..I click it…. and
nothing no error’s, no boxes pop-ups or anything.


Thes Pics will not open in Windows Photo Gallery.

I’ve checked file associations.and all seem fine and correct..
default programs assignments…jpg’s defaulted to with Windows Photo Gallery

FINALLY! I found an answer – at least,
this worked for me…
shortcuts that
are on your desktop to another folder on your desktop called test (or anything

It sounds crazy, but… copy all of the web /

Now try double clicking on a JPG image (assuming Windows Photo Gallery
is still your default application.) WoW they opened.

Then, one by one, copy the shortcut files back to the desktop – double
clicking the JPG file each time to see when this happens again. When you
find the offending shortcut, copy it’s URL and delete the file. Then
try double clicking the file again.”

Of all the stupid things in the world to cause a Photo to not open on the desktop, a internet short cut link causing the error.

Problem Solved!


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