Windows 7 Beta install using Daemon Tools

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Here is how to install Windows 7 Beta without having to Burn the ISO to a DVD.

I used EASEUS Partition Manager 3.0 Home Edition – FREE FOR HOME USERS ONLY…to partition my drive.

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win7installI am running XP Pro on may main drive C: on the first Partition,,, 2nd partition is formatted at 80GB and NTFS with Drive letter F: or whichever you want is fine.

Screen Shots Link… don’t let them scare you off…

View my Post on my site here, to see how to use Partition Manager 3.0 tutorial video’s included.

 Both OS’s Must be 32 bit or it will not work.

Warning BACK UP your important files first… I will not be responsible for any lost files or damage by giving you this info…
Make sure you write down you Windows 7 beta Serial Key on paper, so you have access to it during install. Also when you install Windows 7 beta (MAKE SURE YOU ARE SELECTING THE EXTRA PARTITION YOU CREATED) or you will end up wipping out your Main OS on C: Drive.

1.       Running XP Pro. I made a 2nd partition on that drive and formatted it to NTFS. Use EASEUS Partition Manager 3.0 Free addition for home users.

2.       I installed DAEMON TOOLS LITE on XP Pro. Link…

3.       I Mounted the Windows 7 Beta ISO using Daemon Tools lite.

4.       I did a full install selecting the New Partition that was formatted NTFS and a Drive letter assigned (F:) any letter will work.

5.       It proceeded with the install extracting the files and expanding them to my (F:) Drive.

6.       It rebooted several times with no problems. Windows 7 Beta & Windows XP Pro are selectable from the startup menu, no extra work or programs needed like (EasyBCD, or Vista Boot Pro). If you have boot problems you may need to use one of these programs to make it bootable!!!

7.       I tested both XP and Windows 7 and the both start up just fine. Can’t believe it but it’s true.

8.       Now get all the updates and enjoy.
I have tried this with Vista also and it worked well.

I have 3 video tutorial links below to show basic usage and using EASEUS Partition Manager 3.0 Home Edition to prepair your drive for Windows 7 OS install.

Video (1) how to make unallocated space to use for an extra Partition.
#1. Click Here to View the Video Tutorial
Video (2) how to format and assign a drive letter to the unallocated Space.
#2. Click Here to View the Video Tutorial
Video (3) how to mount Windows 7 beta ISO and start the install using Daemon Tools
#3. Click Here to View the Video Tutorial
 Thank you, Jake 

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